Heroes, Black Holes, Scooters & Trampolines

It’s clearly been another busy week for Year 6 pupils. Thanks to everyone who has contributed examples of home learning or photographs of all the other activities they’ve been involved in at home.

Look,no hands!

Anyone recognise this ‘Year 6er’?

Another budding gardener.

Take a trip with Daniel to the Forest of Nightmares!

Another busy writer.

Here’s a spooky drawing from Isabelle with an unsettling message…


Get ready… this is not a long video!


Water Poem by Daniel:

Thanks to those who sent in some pics of their heroes:

It can’t be long until he appears on the Bake Off!

Trent has sent in some terrific home learning:

What better way to end the Friday blog than with a smile like that!

One comment on “Heroes, Black Holes, Scooters & Trampolines

  1. Dalia Gillicker says:

    What great post from all my class mates! I miss them so much! How are you Mr Smith? See you in June!

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