How To Play Hockey!

OK… so we aren’t quite playing hockey yet! But we have been learning lots of different skills that will help us along the way.

This half term in PE we are learning all about hockey!

This week we have started off with more hand-eye coordination games as this is an important skill for any sport!! We started off by rolling a ball to our partners making sure we were rolling the ball by throwing it gently under arm and looking towards where we would like the ball to go. It is quite tricky getting the balance between speed and direction!!!

Next we learnt how to hold a hockey stick. We started off by laying our hockey sticks in front of us and choosing our dominant hand to place down first. Next we took our other hand to support. Once we had practiced a few times we introduced dribbling the ball. Lots of us found keeping our hockey stick to the side of our body and maintaining the correct grip really tricky. But we were very resilient and didn’t give up!


Well done year !

More hockey news to come!!!

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