Investigating Bacteria!

As a part of our Evolution and Inheritance Science project (as well as being inspired by Mrs Butler’s assembly on Science Day) Year 6 decided to set up their own experiment investigating bacteria. The question they decided to investigate was:


‘How does the amount of light affect the amount of bacteria grown on a piece of bread?’


In order to carry out a fair test, we needed to ensure we only changed one variable (the amount of light), and then keep all our other variables the same. Some of these included:

  • the type of bread
  • the length of time the bread is left for
  • bacteria taken from the same place
  • the same amount of wipes/pressure when collecting bacteria

By keeping these variables the same, we can ensure our test is fair. This is important because we want to make sure our results are reliable.

After collecting our samples, and securing them safely in a bag, we placed them in four different locations with varying levels of light.

Keep an eye out for our blog after Easter where we will report on our findings!


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