“It’s Time for a Spot of Sketching, Gromit!”

“It’s Time for a Spot of Sketching, Gromit!”


Today, we brushed up on our artistic skills as we learnt about the famous artist, Nick Park.

To begin with, we watched some instructional videos on how to draw these infamous characters. At first, the classroom was filled with worry:


“That’s wheeeey too hard!”

“I can’t do that.”

“I find drawing difficult.”


After listening and following the instructions carefully however, we had children gleaming with excitement saying:


“WOW mine looks just like him!”

“Your drawing looks incredible.”

“I’m really proud of mine.”

“I never knew I could draw.”


Now that we’ve learn how to draw like Nick Park, tomorrow we shall be conducting research on how Nick Park became such an incredible artist/animator.

If you would like to have a go at sketching Wallace and Gromit again, follow the links below:




5 comments on ““It’s Time for a Spot of Sketching, Gromit!”

  1. I love drawing Wallace and gromit I am now so confident with my times tables even my dad tested me! I love learning about Nick park

  2. Molly Foster says:

    I love drawing but I think this lesson helped me improve my drawrings THANK YOU

  3. I love it when we leant about Nick Park.I cant believe he made Wolce and Gromit out of plasticine!!

  4. It was so hard drawing wolace and gromit

  5. Lillie Jones says:

    I love Wallace and gromit ?

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