Jackhammer Soup With Barbed Wire Garnish!

Are you bored of the same old Jackhammer soup? Are you fed up of always snacking on old tyres dipped in boiling hot tar? Are you ready to try something new and adventurous? Well, this is the recipe for you. Simply follow the instructions below to concoct and enjoy a wonderful, culinary delight!

We love an opportunity to get creative with our writing and today was no exception! This week we have been exploring the poem ‘Junk – the Story of Jasper O’Leary’  by Kirk Hendry. This is a fabulous poem telling the tale of Jasper, who loves to eat junk, especially his own Jackhammer soup with barbed wire garnish. Inspired by this delicious sounding concoction, we have have created our own recipes to entertain those of you who are bored with the bog-standard tyres and tar in their snacks!

Have a look at our brilliant vocabulary, imaginative ingredients and great instructions for a new snack. Who is willing to try one out?!

One comment on “Jackhammer Soup With Barbed Wire Garnish!

  1. Imogen J says:

    That was so fun!

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