Let’s Get Our Hands Dirty !

We’ve had great fun this afternoon investigating what is in soil. Are all soils the same? What’s the same? What are the differences ? What’s in soil? How is soil made? Is soil important?

So the best way, we thought, to try and answer some of these questions was to ‘get our hands dirty’ – grab handfuls of different soils, feel them, get a closer look at the soil through a magnifying glass and to carry out a soil sample test.

Soil sample test:  Wet the handful of soil. Can the soil be made into a ball without crumbling? No? Then your soil is sandy soil. Yes? Then squash the ball to try and flatten it. Does the ball break apart when squashed? Yes ? Your soil is silty. No ? Your soil is clay.

What kind of soil is in your garden ?

One comment on “Let’s Get Our Hands Dirty !

  1. Bethany 12 says:

    Dirty stuff yuck 🤮

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