Let’s Play Dodgeball!

This half term, Year 6 are focusing on dodgeball in their PE lessons! This is a brand new sport for the class so we have spent the last two weeks getting to know the rules of the game. We decided that the best way to remember the rules is to play lots of games! We started with three big teams, two teams played each other whilst one team acted as ‘ball retrievers’.

This week, we started the lesson by spending a bit of time reflecting on last week and discussing how to as successful as possible and considered some tactics whilst playing. We decided that one of the most important things to do at the end of the game is try and catch a ball so you can bring back eliminated players. This time, the class worked in four teams (lead by team captains Izzy, Oliver S, Kaleb and Mason) to warm up and then play against each other. It was a great lesson and brilliant to see the class become more confident with each game they played!

A very fun start to our PE lessons this half term. We are all looking forward to next week!


2 comments on “Let’s Play Dodgeball!

  1. Imogen jones says:

    That was so fun.🙂

  2. Grace ✨ says:

    It was so fun✨⭐✨💗

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