Making Maths!

We had a great opportunity to use our Resourceful maths skills today when we were introduced to Cuisenaire rods.  These are great for visualising maths and bringing it to life.  We discovered we could make sums, number bonds, patterns and fractions.

As we are currently learning about fractions, we then spent some time making fraction walls and finding equivalent fractions.  Once we had the hang of it, we used our reciprocal skills to answer a question; ‘If Lulu brought 8 bottles with 2/3 of fruit punch in each to the party, how much fruit punch has Lulu brought?’

The Cuisenaire rods were fantastic as we could see each 2 thirds of every bottle and calculate the sum straight away.

Can you see what we did?  Has it helped you solve it?  How much fruit punch did Lulu bring to the party?!

3 comments on “Making Maths!

  1. Molly Foster🦒 says:

    The cuisenaire rods(hopefully I spelt it right)were really helpful in maths

  2. You have spelt it correctly Molly and you’re right, they were really great at showing us the maths!

  3. I find the cuisenaire roads really helpful

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