Making Musical Instruments

Making Musical Instruments


The children had a very challenging task awaiting them today. They were required to design and create a musical instrument out of…JUNK!

We began by designing three different musical instruments through labelled diagrams. The children also had to explain how the instrument will produce sound and what materials/resources they may need.

They then had the opportunity to impress Ninja Nutmeg and be very resourceful! I must say some of the instruments I saw, considering the amount of time they had to create them, were excellent.

Well done, Year 4. A great first day back.

Tomorrow…we head to Winchester!

One comment on “Making Musical Instruments

  1. Becca Sanderson says:

    Izzy had been using some chopsticks from Wagamama as drumsticks over half term. She seems to be able to make noise out of most household items 😀

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