Making the Most of Maps!

Making the Most of Maps!

We have been working hard to read maps during our orienteering lessons. However, that just involved a map of the school. In our lesson today, we took map reading to the next level…finding famous mountains on a WORLD map!

We discussed using the contents page in order to find the best possible map to locate mountains. The children then worked reciprocally in order to pinpoint precisely where the marvellous mountains are and plotted them on their own map.

The children have been desperate to find out interesting information about specific mountains. Therefore, using books, handouts and the internet, the children have been finding out all there is to know. Here are some of the facts that the children were keen to share by the end of the lesson:

-“Mount Everest is over 60 million years old!”

-“You can get frostbite at the top of a mountain.”

-“219 people have died trying to climb Everest!”

-“Mount Kilimanjaro is in Africa.”

-“Some mountains and volcanoes are underwater.”

-“Barack Obama renamed Mount McKinley back to its original name of Mount Denali.”

With our trip to WOEC on the horizon, the children will be brimming with knowledge, ready to impress the instructors. Well done, Year Three!


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