Masters of Maths!

This week, Year 6 were introduced to some brand new learning in maths… long division!

We learnt that this is where you divide by 2-digit numbers. This can be quite tricky so first we worked through a method which helps you to calculate the times tables of 2-digit numbers. This was a really important step in the long division process.

Then we moved onto learning the process needed for long division. This required lots of concentration, practice and a huge amount of resilience! After a few lessons working through a range of calculations, I am very proud to say that the children have confidently grasped the concept of long division!

I cannot wait to see how much the children can push themselves next week as they learn how to apply their skills to problem solving questions next week.

One comment on “Masters of Maths!

  1. becci dight y6 says:

    I really enjoyed doing long division

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