Maths? No Problem!

Wow! What a week!!

Not only have year 1 been really busy this week with all of the fantastic nativity performances, we have also been working really hard in both Maths and English!!

This week in Maths we have been focusing on being resourceful just like our BLP character Ninja Nutmeg! In particular we have been looking at reading and writing numbers to 20 in both numerals and words! The children have been brilliant at using their number mats to help them and their learning partners. Well done Year 1!

To finish the week off and celebrate all of the hard work that has taken place we’ve ended Friday with a party game, which of course the children absolutely loved.. and the adults too!

All you need is a hat, gloves, dice, bar of chocolate, a plate and knives and forks… the perfect game to play over the Christmas holidays!

Happy Friday!

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