Mechanical Kangaroos and Robotic Penguins!

In English, Year 6 have been learning all about explanation texts. Basing their writing on the Mechanical Hound  (a robotic device which can track and capture criminals), the children had the opportunity to create their ‘mechanimal’. The class came up with a variety of fantastic ideas ranging from mechanical kangaroos which clear and clean up litter, to crime-fighting robotic penguins!

On Wednesday, the class used editing stations to edit their work.  Each table were given a writing feature to focus on, and the children rotated around the tables and edited their work. This made the editing process a lot easier as they had a clear focus on each table.

After a very successful editing lesson, they had the opportunity to publish their explanation texts. The children worked really hard to produce exceptionally neat explanation texts and incorporate all of their editing in their final draft.

Well done, Year 6!


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