Meet the Rock Band!

What true EXCITEMENT!  Today was the day that our newly-formed Southill Primary ROCK BAND met for their very first lesson at our brand new after-school club with Mr Bell and Mr Price.  Over 12 sessions they will each learn how to play several different musical instruments, learn three songs (which they will record!) all of course exploring what it means to be part of a band – true team work.  At the end of their journey they will play together in a special concert held at school.  An incredible opportunity!

From the offset it was very clear that our band knew the true value of being supportive, each encouraging one another to have a go and congratulating on their efforts – all without prompting.  This was just excellent to see as being supportive is a fantastic and hugely important element to being in a band.  Another important quality is being brave and having a go, something which they all did really well!  They began by playing rhythm games, singing the chorus of ‘Free Fallin’ by Tom Petty and then got stuck in to having a go on the drums. Super fun!

Next week:  the electric guitar (“YES!”)

Well done all.  We are looking forward to tracking your progress along this very exciting journey.


3 comments on “Meet the Rock Band!

  1. It was great fun!!

  2. Rachael Moody says:

    Amazing! Josh loved his first lesson on the drums!

  3. Such a wonderful opportunity!

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