Mental Health Workshop

This afternoon, Year 6 were visited by Lauren from the Mental Health Support Team in Schools to talk about stress.

They started the session off by discussion what stress actually is, what it does to our bodies and how it can make us feel. We discussed how stress is normal and everybody feels it, but it is important to know how to manage stress in a way that is right for ourselves.

We shared some key factors that can cause us to feel stressed such as arguments with friends, starting a new school, SATs and change in routine. We then shared useful ways to manage these worries when we are feeling stressed. The class came up with some great ideas such as: listening to music, exercise, getting fresh air, going somewhere quiet, being with pets.

Lauren then spoke to us about the importance of sleeping. We learnt that whilst we sleep, our brain is working incredibly hard to release growth hormones as well as restoring energy, both of which will help us when we are feeling stressed. The class shared some tips that they use to help them to get to sleep such as listening to calming music, reading a book before bedtime and having on a dim light.

We then took part in an activity called ‘Melting’. We started by standing up and closing our eyes. After taking some calming breaths, we slowly relaxed and curled downwards until we ended up on the floor, where we eventually ‘melted’!  This activity helped us to feel regulated and calm.

We had a brilliant afternoon and definitely have lots of strategies to use when we are feeling stressed or overwhelmed!

Well done Year 6.


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