Milk and the Jasmine Flower

In R.E today, we looked at a Sikh story from their special book called Guru Granth Sahib.  We though about how the meaning of the the story is relevant to us all – whether we are Sikhs or non Sikhs.

In the ‘Milk and the Jasmine Flower’ story, the Guru Nanak proved that there would always be more room in the world for goodness.  He did this using a bowl, that was full to the brim with milk which represented goodness, and demonstrated that a jasmine flower could be added to it and it didn’t over flow.  The flower floated on top and a drop was not spilt.   There was room for more goodness.

We then made out own bowls from play dough and discussed with our friends what else there is always extra room for in our world.  We had some lovely ideas:- love, friendship, happiness, positivity, family and hope to name but a few.

What a fantastic and fun lesson.  You showed great reflectiveness Year 5.   Take a look at our lovely bowls too.

3 comments on “Milk and the Jasmine Flower

  1. I really liked doing this

  2. Molly Foster 🦒 says:

    I loved doing this too

  3. I love making that with you 😍

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