Minibeast Exhibition

We have been excited for a long time, thinking about our exhibition. Today was the day when we invited our families to come to our very own event to share our fantastic learning.

The children set up their displays, adding a personalised name label. They set out caterpillars, watercolour Matisse snails, writing and drawing, designs and clay models. In addition, there were beetle drawings, honeycombe bees and our Sleepy Bumblebee story. The children led their families round the exhibition, providing an information sheet for the adults to read.

What a huge success and thanks to the families who came, enjoyed and wrote feedback for us. Thanks also to staff who came to visit too.

Here are some photos of individual displays, followed by action shots from the exhibition.

Thanks for a great exhibition everyone.

6 comments on “Minibeast Exhibition

  1. Mrs Kench says:

    What an amazing afternoon it was watching the children share all their work , I was so happy to see everyone having such a lovely time in our classroom .

  2. Danielle Thorne says:

    It was a lovely exhibition! Seeing the children so excited about their work was fabulous. Well done reception class.

  3. Lucy Desmond - Weeks says:

    This looks so lovely, we saw all of the children and their parents leaving reception as we went to pick up a little at Humptys who will start this September. What a lovely class & what wonderful teachers. Belle cannot wait to get involved with all things nature. I know Mrs Puddick and Mrs Kench are the best teachers for all things bugs birds sticks leaves and flowers. What wonderful pictures.

  4. Abby Matthews says:

    Wow! Roux and I really enjoyed the afternoon and it’s clear to see she has had so much fun learning about minibeasts! Thank you Team Reception 😀

  5. What a wonderful time we had such fantastic work the children had done! Thankyou for sharing this with us.

  6. Thank you to the children and the teachers for all their hard work in creating this amazing exhibition. We had a lovely time being shown all of the things Orla had learnt and made. She was so proud showing us around. Thank you for making such a joyful experience

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