Minibeast Madness – Part 2

Minibeast Madness Part 2 – a celebration.

We had another week of amazing minibeast-themed activities and have enjoyed finding out about lots of different creatures. I hope you enjoy looking at our amazing photos of our week.

These are some of the cosy book nooks we have made this week – they all look like comfortable places to snuggle up and read. 

Here we have some fantastic phonics, writing and spider web maths to enjoy.

Look out here for gardening, writing, web maths, bug drawing and natural art.

Here we have writing, drawing, natural art and spider maths.

Look out for beautiful art, writing, webs and doubling with bugs.

Finally, can you spot craft, bug making, reading, physical play, art, maths, writing and rainbows? 

Watch out for the spider!

Thanks to you all for another great week of learning.

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