Mood Shift!

Our stormbreak focus this week is ‘Relationships’. We had lots of discussion about what healthy relationships might look like. Year 3 decided they should make us feel safe, loved and cared for. We also discussed how relationships with our family, friends and teachers are especially important for when our moods change and sometimes when we are feeling sad, angry, embarrassed or frustrated we need to talk to those people and share our thoughts and feelings with them. We also talked about how it’s great when people who care for us celebrate with us when we feel happiness, excitement and proudness too.

We then went on to complete a Stormbreak called ‘Mood Shift’ . We listened to some funky music to get us started and then every few seconds I would call out an emotion and the children would have to move in a way that represented it. It had to be the first movement that popped in to their head and wow were they creative! I am going to find it tricky choosing our Stormbreaker of the week today!



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