Netball Match v. Atlantic Academy.

Another momentous occasion in Southill’s Sporting Calendar today which saw the first Netball Match to be held at the school for over 2 years!  We welcomed the team from Atlantic Academy to our courts and played a very well matched game after school.

Well done to Beau, Danny, Lola, Amelia, Lillie, Martha and Freya who played better than I have ever seen them play this term.

Despite a loss of 5-0 to Atlantic, we gave them a tough team to beat.  The first quarter saw only 1 goal conceded with some superb defending from Southill.  Special mention to our shorter players whose feet left the ground and jumped higher than I thought possible against some very tall Atlantic players!

The second quarter saw only 1 more goal conceded as Southill attackers kept dominance of the game.  Our players made fantastic use of space and the passing was spot on.

The last half of the game was in Atlantic’s favour but we were most definitely not out-played by them, holding our own spectacularly with evidence of all the training techniques we have been working on.

It is not easy playing a fast paced match like that, especially for the first time and the team today have made me very proud and have most definitely represented their school exceptionally well, well done everyone.

Thank you to Mr Frampton for the amazing match photos and to all our spectators for cheering us on and supporting us.

Keep an eye out for more netball news next term with more matches coming up!

7 comments on “Netball Match v. Atlantic Academy.

  1. Florence Cleave 🩰 says:

    Well done Southill, you all played so well, I really enjoyed watching.

  2. They really did Florence!

  3. I loved doing that netball match I hope we can do more and win next time!

  4. You played so well Lola, you were all brilliant 😊

  5. Great game Southill, you all played so well. Looking forward to watching you all again 💙

  6. Molly Foster says:

    That looked like so much fun

  7. Sophie Woodward says:

    Well done guys you did your best and had fun.

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