Out and About Orienteering!

Out and About Orienteering!

As we delve deeper into our topic ‘Ain’t No Mountain High Enough!’ we have realised that mountaineers must be very good at navigating. Therefore, over the next few weeks, the children will be learning all about orienteering.

Orienteering requires two of the ABC’s in PE…Agility and Co-ordination.

Considering the majority of the children had never done any form of orienteering before, I was majorly impressed with how quickly they used landmarks in their environment in order to help them in their quest to map read and find locations quickly.

Whilst Agent Buzzbee was flittering around the school grounds, she noticed a number of groups working reciprocally. Hopefully as the challenges get harder in the weeks to come, the children can continue cooperating effectively.

Well done, Year Three!


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