Outdoor Disco in the Snow!

Outdoor Disco in the Snow!


Well what an extra special Fitness Thursday that was! A light dusting of snow didn’t dampen our day as we began dancing like nobody was watching in our Outdoor Disco! The Bronze Ambassadors were out in full force, putting the rest of the school through their paces with some excellent choreography. From the Macerena to the Cha Cha Slide, they ensured all children knew what they were doing and kick-started everybody’s day with a spring in their step. Mr. Mason and I were very impressed with their leadership skills and it demonstrated just how confident they are at carrying out their Fitness Thursday duties.

Thank you to Mr. Frampton for capturing the magic on his camera. It was one of the best yet! Well done, everybody.

Mr. Prior


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  1. That Fitness Thursday was the best yet as it snowed!

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