Pitching our compositions.

We have reached the end of our journey through Alchemy Island and now we are home, we have been approached by Hill Games Ltd. asking for a theme tune for the latest video game to hit the markets – Alchemy Adventures.

So we have evaluated existing video game theme tunes, explored sounds of Alchemy Island, thought about atmosphere and mood and designed our own theme tunes.  Using Garage band, we have recorded sounds, melodies and instruments which we feel set the tone for a game set on Alchemy Island.  Using our skills of composition and musicality, we have layered all these elements to create complete theme tunes, suited to the game.

We then pitched our theme tunes to Mrs Hill, CEO of Hill Games Ltd. persuading her to choose one for her new game.  Our pitches were well thought out including reasons such as;

“The music will make you feel like you are really there.”

“We think the instruments sound exotic and energetic.”

“The music sounds like you are in a jungle.”

“It is relaxing and will make you focus on the game.”

Have a listen to our compositions and see what you think, would you select them to be a theme tune for a video game?!

2 comments on “Pitching our compositions.

  1. i loved doing it but shame we wasn’t on there. Amie

  2. Amie and Mylo dog says:

    i loved everyones music it was brilliant

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