Plant Detectives!

We have just started our new science topic, Plant Parts. To get us in the zone, we went on a plant hunt around the school grounds.

The children were brilliant at looking closely, comparing the photos of plants to the real thing. They were all able to talk about how to keep themselves safe when dealing with unfamiliar plants.

We spotted a good variety of wild plants such as nettles, bluebells, cleavers (sticky weed), various grasses and brambles.

As we get further on through this topic, the children will be planting seeds and looking after a plant of their own.

4 comments on “Plant Detectives!

  1. Katie Dunne says:

    Love this! What a lovely day to be out exploring 😊

  2. Sam Miller says:

    Well done year 1. James has told us all about keeping safe around unfamiliar plants!

  3. Laura Mathieson says:

    Luca loved this! He came home and walked round our garden telling me what plants we have and what he found at school 😊

  4. Amazing plant hunting! Isobel has told us all sorts of facts about plants this week!

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