Predator or Prey ?

WOW. What a great hook into our ‘Predator’ topic. Nick from Bugfest brought a selection of his brilliant bugs and his encyclopedic knowledge (not to mention his huge enthusiasm) into school for us to have a close up look.

First out of the box was a giant millipede whose exoskeleton is super hard and helps protect it from predators. Next, a predator – Mr Tickle the ‘tailess whip scorpian’ with its sharp claws and fangs. We met a water harvesting beetle that puts its bottom up in the air to collect water through condensation. A blue death feigning beetle also made an appearance. This bug literally feigns death to protect itself when its attacked. Mr Sticky McStickface uses camouflage for protection and his friend Grumpy McGrumpy has spikes on his back and raises its tail like a scorpion to ward off any predators. The ‘vinegaroo scorpian’ was the next out of the box. He likes to squirt vinegar out of his buottom to make predators think twice. Nutjob, the ‘hissing cockroach’ defends itself by hissing like a snake if danger is near. Our final bug was Mr Kill – a giant bat eating centipede who blasts venom into its prey.

Wow. These bugs were incredible and their adaptations have made them into the bugs they are today.

Thanks Nick for a great step into the world of bugs and a brilliant hook into our topic. We’re fired up, ready to go.

Enjoy the photos 🙂

5 comments on “Predator or Prey ?

  1. oh to bad i missed out you were all so brave holding that spider

  2. This was amazing I loved it. My favourite was Mr Kill.

  3. Noah Graham says:

    Loved holding the millipede and the spider and seeing mr kill.
    Well done year three great bravery..

  4. I loved seeing the bugs.

  5. Everything was super cool and I enjoyed it all! And I enjoyed looking at all of them as they were very interesting and fantastic, I would love to have them as pets.

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