Today, Year 3 had a Design and Technology day with a focus on ‘cooking’. We looked at different methods of cooking (ovens, air-fryers, slow cookers, microwaves) and how they are used for cooking different types of food . We then followed a recipe to make our very own ratatouille with courgettes, tomatoes, onions and peppers. We started off by frying the vegetables in a frying pan before transferring them to a slow cooker. It smelt delicious (especially with the added garlic and mixed herbs!) and I was so impressed with the children’s vegetable chopping skills.

Finally it was time for the taste test! The majority of children really enjoyed it (and were even asking for seconds!) and those that weren’t so keen tried it anyway and I was really proud of them for that.

What a brilliant way to end our first half term in Year 3!

Have a well-deserved break everyone 🙂

Miss Hutton

3 comments on “Ratatouille!

  1. Sophie Murray says:

    Superb! George very much enjoyed making and tasting his Ratatouille and he’s going to teach us how to make it at home. Thank you Miss Hutton and Mrs Walkinshaw.

  2. Looks yummy Year 3. Well done 👏

  3. George Birtwistle . says:


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