Reading Champs

It was great to welcome some new reading champs this week! We watched an author introduction from Abi Elphinstone about her new book The Frost Goblin. We heard about her inspiration for the story and listened to the beginning. We really loved it and wanted to hear more so we’ll definitely buy it for our school library.

In Bertie Crash-Wallop’s noisy family, it can sometimes feel like there’s no place for a quiet boy like him. Then Bertie discovers a family of goblins on the night of the deepest frost. Can he help them scatter their frost magic before it’s too late? And can the goblins show Bertie what it means to belong?

Abi set us a challenge to think about where snow might come from which was perfect as it was actually snowing outside! We had a very lively discussion about the possibilities …

Alicorn (a pony with wings and a magical horn), a unicorn, witch, polar bear, pegasus, penguin, dog, tree, mythical golden eagle, mermaid, angel and a sparkly blue magical bauble!

The ideas just kept on coming and many champs were inspired to go off and write their own stories! I can’t wait to read them!

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