Riveting Rugby!

Riveting Rugby!


On a Wednesday afternoon, Year 4 are taught PE by Mr. Prior. This half term, we have been focusing on the sport ‘Tag Rugby’.

The main aims of these sessions were:

-To have fun

-To learn about a traditional sport

-To develop their fundamental movement skills (agility, balance, coordination) 

РTo work reciprocally 


I must say, that the majority of the class really excelled during these sessions (they must have had a great Year Three teacher). We even managed to play in mini tag rugby matches this afternoon as they had picked up the skills and drills so quickly!

With a tag rugby competition on the horizon, it has made it very difficult to only choose 10 children to represent the school!

Well done, Year 4! It has been a pleasure to teach you (once again).

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  1. Rugby is so fun, it is one of my favourite sports.

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