Science Day in Year 3

Wow! What an amazing day Year 3 have had; visiting not 1, not 2, not 3 but 4 different classrooms to hypothesise (I’ll let Year 3 tell you what that means!), research, and investigate as part of our Science Day theme all around MOVEMENT!

Although Year 3 visited other classrooms, here you will find out all about what they got up to in their own classroom.

Firstly, we were introduced to the one and only ‘Boris the Human Skeleton’ because the focus of our session was to look at movement in skeletons.

They were then given 5 minutes to label the name of the bones in a human skeleton. They worked incredibly well together in small groups and really impressed me with how many names they remembered from our Science project back in the Autumn term!

Next, we talked about how clever our bones are at repairing when they are broken and some children shared bones they had broken and what the healing process was like for them. We also learnt about the importance of movement to keep our bones strong and less likely to break.

After that, they were then given the task of comparing a bird’s skeleton to a human’s skeleton. They worked in pairs to do some research and then recorded their findings by annotating a diagram that showed the inside of both a human a bird bone!

Whilst doing their research, we were lucky enough to handle a REAL HUMAN SKELETON AND A REAL BIRD’S SKULL. It was so fun and interesting!

Finally, they were able to share what they had found out which was… that a birds’ bone is hollow and filled with pockets of air making them nice and light and perfect for flying. Their bones are held together by thin bar-like structures called struts. The struts prevent the bones from collapsing inwards.Whereas a human bone have much smaller air pockets making them denser than the birds’. They also contain bone marrow which produces red and white blood cells.

Year 3, you were SUPERB all day and I am so proud of you all – I hope this day has really inspired you!



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