Screen Breaks, Sunshine, Smiles and Scavenger Hunts!

Happy Friday everybody!  So what did this week bring us?  Two new Google Meet sessions – great opportunities to interact with those at home and to go through our learning together, ask questions and also to take on our Rock, Paper, Scissors champ (successfully?), SUNSHINE, screen breaks and our second-to-last lockdown week.  Great job everybody, it was lovely to see you on screen twice this week and we hope that you’ve made the best of the warmer weather during our first Southill Screen Break Day (remembering to watch our Virtual Assembly of course!). Those at school enjoyed some really lovely time outdoors completing a scavenger hunt, we didn’t even need our coats. Can you believe that? It felt so good and such a treat to be able to enjoy a well-deserved break from looking at a screen.

Next week is Book Week, we have put some brilliant suggested activities together for you all to try, including a Book Character competition.  Good luck!  We also have a few treats and surprises planned for next week so stay tuned.  Don’t forget to send any items that you’d like included within our very last Whole School Virtual Assembly over to us before Wednesday, we’re hoping to show lots of Book Week activities.  Mrs Symonds would also be really pleased with some Southill’s Got Talent items, particularly if you fancy taking on Mr Prior with his impressive bottle flips. We have just one week left, we can’t let him have the last word! So please send anything over to us at and hopefully we can all enjoy a bumper last assembly next Friday.

We hope that you all have a nice weekend, the nicer weather is set to continue.  We have just one week left before we are all back together in class, let’s Google Meet again twice next week (Tuesday and Thursday).

We are really looking forward to being back together again on 8th March!

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