Shootin’ Hoops at Atlantic Academy

Shootin’ Hoops at Atlantic Academy


This afternoon, eight children from Year 6 were taken to Atlantic Academy in order to participate in a variety of basketball skills and drills. The activities were led by sports leaders at Atlantic and developed the children’s ability to:





-Shield the ball

-Anticipate rebounds off the backboard

-Copy with pressurized situations in basketball

-Move into space


-Work as a team


The children were all separated into different groups and worked alongside children from other schools in the local area. I must say, not only did Southill look the part but they also demonstrated outstanding determination and desire to improve at basketball. The worked incredibly well alongside all the other children from the other schools and all seem very excited about the tournament taking place after Christmas. They represented the school impeccably and impressed both the sports leaders and teachers that were present (especially me).

Mr. Prior


2 comments on “Shootin’ Hoops at Atlantic Academy

  1. this was such a fun day!! basketball was great thanks mr prior 🙂

  2. Coco matthews says:

    I loved going to Atlantic Academy! It was awesome. Thanks for choosing us I think we did great.😄😄

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