Shootin’ Hoops with Year 5.

This term Year 5 have been developing their basketball skills with a focus on passing, tackling and attack techniques.  We have learnt how to bounce the ball correctly so we have complete control and I am so proud of the improvement from when we started!

The children have worked well to stay resilient and not be afraid of tackling the ball from another player.  They are also impressive with their passing, moving between cheeky bounce passes to determined shoulder passes.

To round off a brilliant half term of Basketball, we have today held a little tournament of games.  A quick warm up and split into 5 teams and we were off, with 4 teams playing at one time.

It was a lovely afternoon, with some great resilience from a lot of players and definite team building for others!

Well done to the Reds and No Bibs teams, our joint overall winners with 10 goals each!

4 comments on “Shootin’ Hoops with Year 5.

  1. Molly Foster says:

    Really enjoyed it guys!

  2. Molly Foster says:

    Awesome game

  3. Isabelle says:

    So fun!!

  4. Sophie Woodward says:

    I loved basketball 🏀 it’s really enjoyable.

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