Shout Out from the Southill Starfish!

Hello everybody – here is a shout out from the Southill Starfish Class!

We have all settled into our new routines really well – including a new classroom and play areas.  We think that the best part is having a different area to play in every day and have been making the most of the nice weather by being outside as much as possible!  Thank you to our parents and carers for following our new drop off/pick up arrangements, we think that these are working well.

Our first full week has been fun, we’ve worked well together and followed the BBC Bitesize lessons set each day.  We’ve been creative and adapted them to suit our interests a little at times and also to show off what we are able to do.  We’ve also had fun with Phonics and looked at ‘Dinosaurs’ as our new topic, creating Did You Know? fact files, making dinosaur teeth with play-doh and colouring GIGANTIC pictures which we have displayed around our class. We were lucky enough today to link up with our friends in the Seahorses Class over video where we were able to read them our dinosaur facts as clues. This was really exciting.  They did very well at guessing which dinosaur we had written about!  It was great to see them, we hope to be able to help others in the school to do the same soon.

Finally, we would like to recommend a Relax Kids activity given to us from Sian (thank you Sian).  Along with ‘mindful handwashing’ we have also blown ‘mindful bubbles’; using wands we blew bubbles of positivity, calm, happiness and security all around us.  A great activity to try at home too.

Have a great weekend everybody.  We hope that all those learning from home have enjoyed their lessons too.


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