Smiles. Relaxing. Learning …. All In A Week Of Year 3 :)

Where did that week go ? Time flies (doesn’t it) when you’re having fun. And fun (combined with learning) is what we do best in Year 3.

Smiles? Well that’s the best way to be. But we know that sometimes life is tough and we have to take extra care of our minds. A great way to do this is through ‘expressing yourself’ – anyway you like. Through dance, art, music, writing to name but a few. Children’s Mental health week has focused us on trying to express ourselves. Have a look at our ‘smiley dogs’ and our mark making while listening to sounds and music. Not to forget the rapping we’ve been doing (look out for next week’s Southill’s Got Talent).

Relaxing? Well, that’s Relax Kids of course. What better way to look after your body and mind than to do some mindfulness / yoga with Sian at Relax Kids. Look at the relaxation in the photos below.

Learning? Of course, learning. We love it. Even though we are not altogether as a class, that hasn’t stopped us from putting our all into do the best learning we can – at home and at school. Well done everyone.

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