Southill FC STUN at Local Football Tournament

Southill FC STUN at Local Football Tournament


Today, Southill took both a boys and a girls team to participate in a 7-aside football tournament at Redlands. Despite the blistery conditions, the two sides were fuelled by excitement and determination!

Southill Girls


The girls, comprising of a lot of new players, were raring to go as they kicked off in their first game against Beechcroft. From the start, the girls bossed the game, controlled possession and soon found themselves 1-0 up thanks to a great run by Nancy. She smoothly slotted it into the bottom corner which gave the whole team confidence. With Iyla, Lottie and Eleanor constantly winning the ball back in midfield, they kept supplying Nancy with opportunities and she delivered! In fact, by full time Southill won the game 4-0 and Nancy ended up scoring all four goals!

Southill 4 – 0 Beechcroft


In our second match, Southill competed against St Georges who had a more experienced team. Despite this, Southill frustrated them for a large majority of the game. Georgia, Skyla and Josie were defending the goal with confidence and grit. Sadly, a penetrating through ball fell to the opposition’s striker who successfully slotted it past our keeper to make the final score…

Southill 0 – 1 St Georges


In our final game of the group stage, we knew that a draw or a win would give us a fighting chance to see us reach the semi-final stage. The girls dug deep despite the windy weather and worked well as a team both in attack and in defence. After chances at either end, the final score remained…


Southill 0 – 0 Bincombe Valley


Thanks to goal difference, Southill Girls secured their place in the semi-finals! After scores were counted and verified, we were told that we would be facing Conifers! It was an action-packed game. Conifers started strong and rattled the crossbar early on in the game. The girls composed themselves and frustrated their opponents with their determined defending. Georgia and Skyla in particular were not giving Conifers chance to shoot and both seemed to be everywhere on the pitch! Early into the second half, a through ball from Nancy fell to Flossie who didn’t quite steady herself before taking the shot and the ball trickled agonisingly past the post. Very unlucky indeed! Two minutes before the end, Conifers won a corner and a great ball into the box landed at the feet of their most dangerous player who blasted into the back of the net, meaning the final score was…

Conifers 1 – 0 Southill 


Southill Boys 


Onto the boys who ended up playing the very first game of the entire tournament. The boys took time to settle into their first game and found it difficult to keep possession. A long ball up the pitch from the opposition’s goalkeeper fell perfectly at the feet of the Wyke striker who slotted it into the back of the net meaning that Southill found themselves behind going into half time. After some words of wisdom from Lloyd (who kindly offered to manage the boys team today) they were desperate to start playing to their full potential. We didn’t have to wait long! A lovely through ball landed at the feet of Albert who slotted it into the net from a tight angle. Moments before the end of the game, Leo successfully beat his man and was able to guide the ball past the keeper and into the corner meaning that the final score was…


Wyke Regis 1 – 2 Southill


In our second match, Southill were against Chickerell who proved to be a tough nut to crack. It was a very tight game and Reed, Corey and Oliver were absolutely solid at the back! After half time, Southill cleared their lines and the ball fell to Ashton’s feet. A quick turn and a confident finish resulted in Southill coming away the winners! Final score…

 Southill 1 – 0 Chickerell


In their third game, Southill played Beechcroft and we dominated the game. The children were really starting to play with real confidence and it didn’t take long for us to take the lead. A few minutes in and Mason played a lovely pass through to Ashton who once again smashed it confidently passed the keeper making it 1-0. We then extended our lead before half time as Albert once again used his quick feet to trick the defender and slotted it calmly past the helpless goalkeeper. In the second half, Southill kept it tight at the back, defended the box well and saw the game out meaning that the final score…


Southill 2 – 0 Beechcroft


In our final group game, Southill were against St Georges knowing that a draw or a win would be enough to qualify for the semi-finals. Again, the boys played with real passion. Dominating possession, the children were able to keep the ball really confidently. A great pass by Mason in the centre of midfield slid beautifully behind the St George’s defence and fell to the feet of Leo who finished from a tight angle past the keeper. In the second half, Ashton ran onto a cleared ball by Corey and smashed it into the top corner making the final score…

Southill 2 – 0 St Georges  


Thanks to four wins in four games, Southill breezed into the semi-finals, however they knew they couldn’t get complacent. After a quick break, the children found themselves facing Atlantic Academy in the semi-final. It was a very tight game and the wind was causing problems for both teams. After a bit of composure, Southill found their rhythm and Samuel was controlling the game from midfield. After some quick passes, Mason once again played a great ball through the lines to Leo who scored the only goal of the game which meant Southill were into the final! Final score…

Southill 1 – 0 Atlantic


Interestingly, Southill ended up playing Chickerell once again as they too qualified and defeated their opponents in the semi-finals via a penalty shootout. Whilst Southill tried to keep the ball on the floor, Chickerell were keen to use the wind to their advantage and the goalkeeper kept kicking the ball long up the pitch in order to score. Unfortunately, Southill couldn’t clear their lines and Chickerell found themselves 1-0 up in the first half. Despite working their socks off, Southill couldn’t find their tempo as Chickerell did everything they could to run down the clock. We came extremely close to scoring on a number of occasions, however the ball didn’t find its way into the back of the net. Final score in the final…

Southill 0 – 1 Chickerell


I am so extremely proud of both teams today. To reach both the semi-final and the final of a competition is exceptionally tough. The games were fast-paced and frantic yet both teams coped extremely well. A huge thank you to Lloyd who kindly coached the boys today, thank you to every parent who helped to transport the children safely to Redlands and thank you to the children who represented the school spectacularly! I’m extremely proud of every single one of you.

Mr. Prior


7 comments on “Southill FC STUN at Local Football Tournament

  1. Hannah Ashworth says:

    Amazing efforts, Southill! What an incredible day on the football for both teams. Well done! ⚽

  2. Wow wow wow Southill football teams! Well done on reaching the semis and finals! A great achievement and result of fantastic team play! #TeamSouthill all the way 💙

  3. Unlucky boys we gave it a great shot and it did not come out as we wanted it to but we played well and we did not give up.

  4. Vicky Jones says:

    Brilliant achievement Southill. Amazing energy and great ability you should be very proud 🙌

  5. Great play by all involved. Bit unlucky in the end but performance and attitude were brilliant, especially in the very rough conditions it was freezing.

  6. Well done boys and girls well played shame you lost but stilled played really well i read it all out to my brother and he loved it!

  7. well done southill we did extremely well keep your heads up.

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