Southill Screen Break Day: Friday 5th March

Where would we be without technology? We wouldn’t be able to learn from home as well as we are during this lockdown, would we? Great as computers, laptops, tablets and chromebooks are, we need a break from them every now and again. It’s not good for anyone to have to look at computer screens for too long – and that includes children at home as well as teachers at school. Let’s have a day away from the screens!

Ok, so it’s not quite a complete break from a screen. We need you to use this webpage to plan your screenbreak day. You’ll still be learning, of course, but in a different way. You’ll be more motivated for your Google Classroom learning next week.

You could use this planner for your day if that helps:

Our recommendation is to look at the ideas below and choose 2 or 3 in total (each one from a different section would be best) to plan an enjoyable, active and creative day. Have fun!


Go on a walk with someone from your family to explore somewhere new to you.

Go on a Bear Hunt or a Gruffalo Hunt. Let us know if you find one!

Make an obstacle course inside or out. Time yourself completing it. Can anyone beat your time?

Make up a Joe Wicks style workout. Encourage others in your family to join in with you.

Get out on your bike. Can you record some information about your ride – how far was it? How long did it take? What was your speed? (Or, alternatively, just enjoy being out on your bike).


Build the tallest tower you can from construction toys.

Build a den inside or out – and use it! (Is it warm enough to camp overnight?)

Make a boat that can float in your bath.

Make your own healthy lunch.

Make a sock puppet.

Paint a pebble.

Draw a picture on some card (the back of a cereal packet is good). Then cut it up to make a jigsaw.

Bake and decorate a cake.

Make paper aeroplanes – hold an airshow or competition. Which design flies furthest?

Make or fly a kite.

Make and play a board game.


Design a board game to play with people at home.

Design and make a pencil pot or money box.

Write a story with you as the main character.

Write a playscript and make puppets (lollipop sticks are good for this). Perform your play to others.

Create some art outside – have a look at the art of Andy Goldsworthy for inspiration.

Design a scavenger hunt for someone else to complete.



Read a recipe or instructions to complete an activity.

Turn your favourite story into a comic strip.

Read a description from a book and create your own illustration.

Make a story bag. Fill it with items from a story you like.

Have a go at one of these Pobble ideas:


Learn a magic trick.

Write a rap song.

Learn to juggle two balls. Can you do three?

Practice a musical instrument.

Create your own version of ‘Baby Shark’ with a different animal and different actions.

Look after

Assist someone by doing a chore or two around the house.

This website has some brilliant activities to help wildlife in your neighbourhood:

Write and send a letter to someone in your family that you haven’t seen for a while.

Organise a cupboard (get permission first!).

Teach someone else to do something.

Write instructions to keep a pet healthy.

Choose an activity from this list of things to do to look after the planet:



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