Spring has sprung!

This week we have been learning about the four seasons and the different weather we can expect at certain times of year.

We went outside to hunt for signs of spring on Monday and found lots of buds on the trees, along with some blossom and some beautiful daffodils (plus one ‘random’ tulip!). The most exciting discovery was thousands of tadpoles in the pond – far too many for us to count!

3 comments on “Spring has sprung!

  1. Katie Dunne says:

    Lovely! Arthur loves a tadpole!

  2. M Wilson-Browne says:

    Brilliant, glad to see the pond thriving. Isabella never told us about this 🤣

  3. Becca Sanderson says:

    So pleased to see so many tadpoles in the pond! Yr1 have been so lucky to spend lots of time outside this week.

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