Squared or Cubed?!

This week in maths we have really put our resilient thinking to the test by building on our knowledge of squared numbers from last week to calculate cubed numbers!  We have learnt that to cube a number we times it to the power of 3, or by itself 3 times.  At first it was a bit tricky, so we had a quick recap of 3D shapes to remind ourselves of 3 dimensional objects.  A cubed number is made of layered arrays – it is multiplying along, across and up – length, width and height.  We were so resourceful and when we got it, we were really flying, well done Year 5!  Ask us what 5 cubed or 6 cubed is, I bet we can surprise you!

One comment on “Squared or Cubed?!

  1. I loved making the cubes and many more

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