St George’s Football Competition

St George’s Football Competition


This afternoon, 10 children from Years 3 and 4 represented Southill School in a football competition at St George’s Primary School. Here’s how we got on…


Southill 1 – 0 Bincombe

Southill 3 – 0 St Johns

Southill 2 – 0 St Nicks

Southill 2 – 1 St Augustines

Southill 3 – 1 St George’s B


Unbelievably, the team won all five matches in the group stages. We really grew into the competition and, game by game, we got stronger and stronger. The children played some really attractive football and showed how incredible they were as a team. In fact, in two of the matches, Southill went 1 – 0 down however they remained resilient, battled hard and still found a way to win. After visiting the score centre during the torrential downpour, we found out that not only had Southill come first in their group, they were to play a semi-final against St George’s A!!

Realistically, we knew this would be a far harder match (it’s a semi-final after all). Having said that, Southill played the better football. We hit the crossbar, tested the keeper on a number of occasions and worked so hard defensively that St George’s couldn’t even register a shot on our goal. Unfortunately, we just couldn’t find the back of the net. The full time whistle blew and it then went to penalties…

Southill 0 – 0 St George’s A (P) 

Sadly, luck wasn’t on our side and we lost in the penalty shoot-out. I couldn’t however fault any member of the team today. They surpassed all expectations and represented the school admirably.

A huge thank you to St George’s for a great semi-final and for hosting such a brilliant competition and thank you to the Budmouth Sports leaders who did a great job at refereeing the matches (nice to see that some of them were from Southill). I would also like to thank the parents who helped with transportation over to Portland and everybody who came, watched and supported throughout the afternoon. Finally, thank you team Southill for entertaining us with some fantastic football matches and for reaching the semi-finals. You were all winners in my eyes!

Mr. Prior


2 comments on “St George’s Football Competition

  1. Hannah Ashworth says:

    Amazing effort Southill, well done! So proud of you all. Some excellent football was played today and the team work was phenomenal!

  2. Mike Graham says:

    An amazing tournament and an amazing team. They can be proud. This team has the makings of being a force going forward!

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