STEM in action in Year 5!

STEM – Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics – was definitely in action in Year 5 this week with some fantastic lessons based on our Scream Machine topic.  First we looked at water resistance and how it can affect movement through water.  Then we talked about making objects streamlined so they can move through water easier.  We then set ourselves a little test to see which material is best for a log flume vessel.  Focusing on keeping a fair test, we made different vessels from different materials and also kept them as streamlined as possible.  Our results told us that carboard was the fastest, but as it is not waterproof, we chose plastic as our next best option for a log flume vessel!

We then used our knowledge of keeping objects streamlined to design a rollercoaster carriage, reducing air resistance as much as possible while still keeping the riders safe!  Have a look at our designs which we then transferred to Tinkercad, an online CAD design program!

What a resourceful week Year 5 with lots of new skills and knowledge keeping us engaged and active, well done everyone!

2 comments on “STEM in action in Year 5!

  1. Molly Foster 🦒 says:

    I really like our topic because I love science 🙂

  2. Science is great fun Molly!

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