Swish Swish

Swish Swish


Owing to the fact that swimming isn’t on this Friday, Year 4 headed outside in order to do some basketball skills and drills this afternoon. Despite the cold chill in the air, Year 4 were brimming with excitement and were desperate to get started…

Our session focused primarily on dribbling and passing, ensuring children had good posture, were using their finger tips to dribble and were bouncing the ball with control. We also introduced both the bounce past and the chest pass. The children were expected to dribble to a set of cones and pass through them to their partner on the other side in order to score a point. We were looking for children to dribble with confidence, communicate as to where on the playground they intended to go and pass with accuracy.

We then concluded the session with two competitive challenges. The first required the children to keep possession of the ball when faced against an opponent. Teams had to dribble and pass in a confined space and try to keep the ball away from their opponent, seeing how many successful passes they could make without the ball being intercepted. The second challenge then introduced the children to shooting. Children had to pass up the court as quick as possible with their team mates and score in the opposing hoop before their opponents. We soon realised the importance of moving into space without the ball and the children had to work together in order to move the ball effectively.

A great session indeed! Well done, Year 4.

Mr. Prior


3 comments on “Swish Swish

  1. i LOVED basket ball today i hope we can do more matches and sessions. thx Mr.P.

  2. I loved basketball I hope we can do more sessions

  3. Esmē stone says:

    I loved it! I never wanted to stop. It was like the ball was controlling me.⛹🏼‍♂️🏀

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