This week we were being designers as part of our DT topic, Taxi. The children worked in pairs to make a vehicle that could move using cardboard boxes, doweling rods, masking tape, clothes pegs and small wooden wheels. They we fantastic at making any alterations in order to improve their designs and showed great resilience throughout the afternoon. All children were successful and some great models were made!

The children had some instructions to help them. However, most of them chose to produce their own designs.

5 comments on “Taxi!

  1. Amazing designing Year 1! They look great!

  2. Fiona Wilson says:

    Toby had so much fun doing this and was so excited with the speed of his x

  3. Well done Year 1. I would love to come and see your vehicles, especially after chatting with some of you about your designs!
    Mrs Puddick

  4. Katie Dunne says:

    They all look great! Well done everyone 🙂

  5. Dylan’s really enjoying DT and talks a lot about it, well done guys

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