Team Year 1!

This week we have had a brilliant time focusing on teamwork.

Starting school in September for our first whole school year seems like a million years ago now! It has been a big learning curve and one of the key things that we had to learn was how to be one of thirty now that we are all back at school. This took lots of time and working together as part of a bigger group is one of the skills that we have been developing over the year. We have been joining in with lots of teambuilding activities, turn taking games and role play situations throughout the year to develop our reciprocity and communication skills.

This week we decided we would put all of these skills into practice with some games and activities led by children.  You can see from the photos below we have been playing team games such as crazy chefs, spotty dogs snakes and ladders and many many more as well as joining in with parachute games where the whole class work together to achieve one goal. We have had a lovely week and it has been great to get some times outside in the shade during the morning before the sun comes out later in the day.

Well done Year 1! A real team effort

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  1. Lucy Weeks says:

    Thank you so much for a wonderful year of learning, friendship building & teamwork!! Have a lovely summer break. We are sad to leave you and Mrs J . Happy Summer Holidays ladies !!

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