Testing for Magnetic Materials

In Science this week, Year 3 were learning how to sort and group magnetic materials. In order to do this, they had to carry out their own tests to see which materials were magnetic and which were not. We agreed that to make the test fair we would use the same magnet for each material and only change the type 1 thing being the type of item we tested each time.

They then started off by making a prediction about what materials they thought would be magnetic.

They worked in pairs to complete their tests and very much enjoyed selecting different items around the classroom to test. You can see photo evidence below of the fun they had!

Once they had finished testing, they shared their findings with one another and we discussed the similarities and differences in our results allowing us to draw a conclusion. Year 3 found out that all magnetic materials are metal, but not all metals are magnetic. I’ll let the children tell you how they know!


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