The Art of Invention Writing

The Art of Invention Writing


Over the past few days, the children in Year 4 have had the opportunity to get really creative with their writing. We began with a piece of invention writing on Wednesday called ‘What the Tree Saw…’. It involved looking at the natural markings on trees which turned out to look like various facial expressions. The children were required to come up with a story as to why the tree may have been making that facial expression and had to think carefully about how they were going to describe the character’s thoughts and feelings. It’s safe to say that the children had a lot of fun with this piece of writing.

For today’s invention write, the children watched a clip from ‘Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom’ where Indie was tasked with retrieving the golden idle, however he encountered many obstacles on his way in and on the way out! The children were asked to build suspense in their writing in order to really grip the reader. This is something we worked on in the Autumn term and it was great seeing the children remember all of the writing tools that they could use in order to build suspense.

Two very different pieces of writing, however the children did brilliantly on both!

Mr. Prior

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