The Fractions Finale

The Fractions Finale


To round off our learning on fractions in style, the children today took part in ‘The Chase’. Their task was to outrun ‘The Chaser’ by answering as many fractions questions as they could correctly. The quiz covered…


  1. Adding and subtracting fractions
  2. Turning improper fractions into a mixed number
  3. Representing fractions in pictures
  4. Simplifying fractions


It has been a challenging chapter in our mathematical learning, but I must say the children have risen to the task admirably! A huge well done to our winning team (Olivia and Minty) and our designated ‘Chaser’ who did brilliantly to catch up with a number of teams.


I wonder what we will be learning about in maths next? TIME will tell…


Mr. P


One comment on “The Fractions Finale

  1. Oliver Wilks says:

    That was really fun and I enjoyed learning fractions!

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