The Last Hurrah of Handball

The Last Hurrah of Handball


To mark the end of our unit on handball, Year 4 represented their house teams in a competition to crown the ultimate handball champions. The children have been learning the game and developing their knowledge and skills of this sport over the past 6 weeks and they were ready and raring to go…

The matches were played to an extremely high standard. Children were passing and moving up the court with confidence and ensuring they had defenders and attackers in position in order to transition smoothly up and down the court. We saw some incredible goals being scores and some spectacular saves!

After each team had played every other team twice, the scores were counted and verified.


Pegasus – 2

Dragon – 5

Phoenix – 7

Griffin – 7


As we had a tie for first place, the trophy was given to the team that showed reciprocity, sportsmanship and a positive attitude throughout the afternoon. This meant that the overall winners were team…Phoenix!


Next week, the children will begin to learn how to play rounders and I for one cannot wait.


Mr. P



3 comments on “The Last Hurrah of Handball

  1. I loved this sport! Well done phoinex for winning

  2. Well done phoinex for winning!!

  3. Matilda.Potts says:

    Handball was so fun! Looking forward to rounders. 🙂

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