The Magic of Maths

The Magic of Maths


Today, our brand new shiny maths trolley rolled into the classroom brimming with a wide range of resources to help support the children with their mathematical learning. Ninja Nutmeg was keen to see if the children could use the resources to solve the problem…

Children had a number of three-digit numbers to try and partition. We first of all discovered the word part features in partition, therefore the number must need to be split into hundreds, tens and ones.

It was fascinating seeing how many different methods and manipulatives that the children chose to use. From place value discs to dienes, diagrams to column addition, the children certainly had lots to share when the class rallied back together.

The children then had a go at answering some questions independently in their maths workbooks and, I must say, it was clear from the books that the children had learnt a great deal in our maths lesson today.

Well done, Year 4.

Mr. P

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