The Magic of Movement on our Mental Health

The Magic of Movement on our Mental Health



In celebration of Mental Health Awareness Week, our Year 4 students have been actively participating in Stormbreak sessions, focusing on self-care through the power of movement. This afternoon, the children engaged in two dynamic and uplifting activities designed to boost their mental well-being.

Our first session involved a lively compliment relay. Divided into house teams, the children sprinted to their teammates to deliver carefully considered compliments, passing on a bean bag as a token of positivity. The bean bag receiver then sprinted in the opposite direction to compliment another teammate. After the initial round within house teams, the children were given free rein to run and spread compliments to peers from other teams. It was heartwarming to see them dashing across the field, eager to share kind words and uplifting messages.

In the second session, the children paired up for a trust-building activity. One partner was blindfolded while the other acted as a guide. Through clear communication, the guide navigated their blindfolded partner through a maze of cones, ensuring they avoided any obstacles. This activity highlighted the importance of teamwork and effective communication, and the children thoroughly enjoyed the challenge.

These Stormbreak sessions showcased the incredible impact of movement and exercise on mental health. As they moved, the children felt more positive and energised, re-entering school with renewed enthusiasm to continue spreading kindness and positivity.

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