The Third and FINAL day in London

The Third and FINAL day in London


The children headed down for a slightly earlier breakfast this morning and began to talk about the final day with excitement. After saying our goodbyes to the hostel, we headed for Oxford Circus in order to catch the underground. Most of the children had never been on the underground but they loved the experience! Definitely one to tick off the bucket list. We then admired St Paul’s Cathedral before crossing the Millennium Bridge. We gazed at some of the sights that London had to offer before then heading to our final activity…The Shakespeare Globe Theatre. We started with a tour of the theatre itself, imagining what it would have been like around 400 years ago and compared it to more modern theatres we are used to seeing. We learnt that:


-the roof was open to provide light as electricity hadn’t been invented yet (candles were expensive after all!)

-some people stood to watch the play as it was far cheaper.

-the theatre did in fact burn down as a spark from a canon during a show caused the thatched roof to set fire.


The children then headed to a studio room where they worked with an actress who had in fact performed as Ariel in The Tempest and a witch from Macbeth on the Globe stage. After some fun warm-ups, the children did some role-play activities based around some of the characters from The Tempest. We then headed towards London Waterloo where the children feasted on their packed lunch once sat comfortably on the train home.


To pass the time, children played Uno, drew pictures, read Shakespeare-inspired books (thanks Mrs. Wood) and talked joyfully about the incredible trip they had just experienced. I have to say, the children were incredible. They behaved impeccably and so many people in fact commented on the behaviour, attitude and manners of the children during our time in London. Well done, Year 4. I could not be prouder.


Mr. Prior



4 comments on “The Third and FINAL day in London

  1. I cannot thank Southill School for giving our children this opportunity. The hear the excitement in Taylor’s voice when she’s telling me about it says it all. They have had such an amazing time but WOW I have one tired child!

  2. Rachael Axten says:

    Harley has loved every minute of the trip and was very exited to tell us all at home about his experience.
    Thank you to all the teachers for giving him this amazing London experience and for keeping them all safe.

  3. What an amazing three days year 4 have had. It’s been lovely reading the daily updates. Thank you so much Southill School for making it such a wonderful trip for them.

  4. I loved are London trip. Had to be the BEST 3 DAYS EVER!The tube was fun started and nobody was ready for it.😂😂And the game of Uno flip on the train.

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